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Radina’s Bakehouse donates a loaf of bread to the Flint Hills Breadbasket for every loaf we sell. We call it our Daily Bread Program and we could not do it without your support.

The Flint Hills Breadbasket is a Community Food Network founded in 1982. Their mission is to minimize hunger and poverty through the distribution of available food and to nurture projects that help alleviate hunger and poverty.

Our Bread Menu

lightly floured stack of handmade french baguettes

One well-travelled gentleman told us that the Radina’s Baguette was the best baguette he has ever had in the United States. We don’t know if it was the compliment or his French accent, but we blushed. Our baguettes are made with strict conformance to French technique and process. (Hint, if you are using a pan to make a baguette your technique is neither traditional nor French). Our baguettes get their deep flavor from an overnight poolish and portion of levain before their final mix. They are a great addition to any meal, or pair with cheese and fruit and they are a meal in their own right.

top photo of handmade french bread made with a preferment of poolish and levain
Pain Ordinaire

An ample loaf of French bread made with a preferment of poolish and levain. This is a simple and honest loaf that begs to be paired with cheese and wine, dipped in your favorite sauce, or used to sop up your favorite virgin olive oil.

handmade Kansas Style Sourdough Bread
Radina's Sourdough

We’re often asked if our sourdough is similar to a San Francisco style sourdough. The answer is no, it’s better. Ours is distinctly sour, but we’ve toned down the acidity. After all, we’re making bread, not pickles! Made from unbleached white flour grown and milled in Stafford County, Kansas, and stone ground whole wheat flour grown and milled just east of Salina. Leavened with a sourdough starter that originated from the K-State Bakery Science program.

top view of handmade Jalapeno Cheddar bread with checker square crust
Jalapeno Cheddar

Luckily, the long ride this bread takes in our oven mellows the Jalapeno peppers, because this bread is packed with them. We also throw in a generous portion of cheddar cheese to balance the flavor. Crazy good. Wednesdays only.

side photo of Kalamata olive bread has thin scrapes flecked by olives in crust
Kalamata Olive

Naturally leavened sourdough with a heavy dose of ripe Kalamata olives. The Mediterranean flavor of this bread is a great complement to your evening dinner! Please note: we use pitted olives, and we even slice them in half to double check, but this bread might still have an occasional pit.

top view Cinnamon Raisin bread swirled with raisins and cinnamon
Cinnamon Raisin

This is the real stuff—not a sugary, heavily yeasted hunk of swirled spice with a hint of raisins. Our Bakehouse Cinnamon Raisin bread is chocked full of plump raisins and balanced with enough cinnamon to darken the dough. Oh, and no commercial yeast. Like our other breads, we keep this one real—naturally leavened and risen for over 18 hours. It’s great toasted and buttered, and makes the best French toast ever.

Pain de Campagne with traditional rural french diamond pattern
Pain de Campagne

Translates as country bread and is the traditional bread of farmers and villagers in rural France. French villages had communal ovens for centuries. Families would prepare their dough at home and bake it in the village oven. These large loaves, called miches, weighed as much as twelve pounds and would feed a family for several days or a week. Our Bakehouse Pain de Campagne is made from whole wheat, unbleached white, and dark rye flours and is naturally leavened.

Ciabatta slipper bread looks like a ballet slipper

Also called slipper bread because it looks like a ballet slipper this bread is as Italian as a baguette is French. Extremely high hydration, a strong poolish, and a healthy dose of virgin olive oil give this bread its unique texture and large open crumb. This may be the best sandwich bread ever.

Honey oat bread has horizontal cuts flecked with hearty oats
Honey Oat

There is a lot of honey in this bread. There are a lot of oats in this bread. Its chewy crust and deep, subtle sweetness make this a Bakehouse favorite for ham sandwiches. Wade Radina likes to toast a thick slice of it, top it with gouda cheese and two fried eggs, and eat it like a steak. To be honest, Wade likes to do that with most of his breads.

Multigrain large cuts flecked with heavy cover of many grain types

Our custom blend of flax, pumpkin, millet, sunflower, sesame, cracked wheat, and oats gently toasted in our stone lined oven and blended into our Pain de Campagne dough. Every seed you see on the outside is also in the inside! Toasty, scrumptious, and wholesome.